“ The are location that you feel like they are calling you, and that you feel that you always
belonged there even though you never seen them”





About Us

MK da MiKi was born in Pove del Grappa, from the big dream of two brothers: Mauro and Michele.

MK da Miki grows by affirming its identity of Gourmet Burger shop, catching inspiration from trends overseas, but with firm roots from traditions.

A dream made passion, interweaving of ideas, people, perseverance and an uphill road that today made all this possible.

A dream shared by a united team, at work and in the family, to give and unique experiences.

These are the recipes that gave life to the several ideas of the chef, that didn’t just stop at the meat, but also hosts in its menu dishes that cast fish and vegetables.

Together with the proposals of food we offer a big variety of drinks, of which twelve types of draft beers, more than 40 bottles of gin from all over the world and a list of all the wines in continuous evolution.

PASSION: our secret ingredient

It will always be present. The creations of Miki became the warranty of an evening ensigned with good food and serenity.

A familiar and welcoming experience,

where enjoy the true taste of “eating well”


The pulsing heart of the cooking of MK da Miki, since childhood has worked in different realities in Bassano Del Grappa. After a trip in the States he found the passion for gourmet hamburgers, and he decided to transfer that in his own restaurant at Pove del Grappa in 2012.

He grew professionally, amplifying his culinary horizons e from hamburgers he started experimenting even dishes with meat and fish.

A training in the market and a double life: during the day in the office and in the evening in a restaurant hall. The love for the world of food beverage brought him after years at investing all his energies in the family business. His passion for beer, and cooking, and the world of mixing was transferred today in La Tenuta MK.

Two brothers, a heart that beats together and the need to continue growing and never stopping!

Try the magic sensation that only a big family can give. A mix from past and present, in the hall like in the kitchen, where the tread is always the tradition of all the products.

The events that we hosted in La Tenuta MK